Reiki Date

 a couple sits together while doing a virtual class together

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Spice up your date night with our latest craze, Reiki Dating!
Dates are on mobile, available via Zoom or Facetime.  

Who can benefit from a Reiki date?

  • Partners looking for a more spiritual connection. The couple that meditates together, develops a better understanding of each other together.
  • Business travel. How often do you connect with your partner when you are away with just a text hi, bye?! Spend some quality time while you are away and connect on a deeper level so that when you meet in-person again you can power up!
  • Long distance relationships. It’s hard to come up with topics of conversation when you are in different lands and busy at work or school. Grow your relationship and come to a deeper understanding of the love language of your partner. Texting and Sexting has it’s place but spending time with mediation and Reiki-based conversation helps partners come to a better understanding of why they really like each other. Love grows!

Reiki Dating involves a fun quiz to connect, short meditation and energy healing with a trained Reiki Master.

One satisfied couple says their Reiki date was like a  Hershey's kiss - sweet and soothing, "Matt travels for work a lot and we were losing touch. Calah got us past the usual long distance convo and connected us with laughs and a memory to share. Definitely added a little spice to our convo when she signed off, lol."  Sam Kahn, Winnipeg, Manitoba.  

Take time to connect away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. In the comfort of your home/office/dorm or hotel room, enjoy a forty minute session that shines light on your love language, supports calm and relaxation to connect you in the moment. 

Connect with us to discuss your evening preferred time to book. Booking in EST.

Reiki Date gift certificates make for unique and memorable holiday, bridal shower and wedding gifts.