Our Story

About Calah

I was first introduced to reiki twenty years ago when my mother was receiving cancer care. She was struggling and in a great deal of pain from the radiation treatment when a nurse recommended reiki healing. I witnessed reiki provide my mom with the much needed calm and pain relief she was seeking. She felt reiki gave her the ability to share her story and to release the emotional stress she was carrying.

Several years later when my child required major heart surgery, we again turned to reiki for familial support with stress relief and pain management. Our child’s surgeon was not expecting the procedure to go as well as it did, clearly impressed with the quick recovery.

Once again, reiki found me and my family in need. Because of the success my family found with reiki, my gratitude turned into a passion that led me to study, practice, and teach reiki. 

Calah with baby.

Learning to Let Go

After becoming a licensed reiki practitioner with the Canadian Reiki Association, I created Let It Go With Reiki with the hope of providing distressed individuals and families with the same relief that this healing practice brought me. There are real, physiological consequences to energy blockages.

My reiki training and practice allows me to help open channels and facilitate energy flow for people from all walks of life — from professionals, unable to find their voice after years in their career, to those stuck in an online social world that runs 24/7, who are looking for peace and centering.

It is a privilege to share reiki, to help you hear the story of your body and to enhance your well being. What is your body’s story? Let reiki help you find out

With love, 

Calah Brooks