Unlocking Insights - Tarot Card Reading

Unlocking Insights: Tarot Card Reading for Intuition and Clarity

“Not only are readings with Calah insightful, she exudes compassion and understanding. It’s like having a conversation with a good friend who knows you well and has the words you need to hear.” Sabrina Huxhold, Ottawa, Ontario 

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Tarot card reading is a fascinating practice that allows you to tap into your intuition and gain insights about various aspects of life. What is a Tarot Card reading all about: 

🔮 Start with an Intention. A question: 

  • Begin by crystallizing your intention. What guidance do you seek? Make it clear.
  • If you’re unsure, try free-form writing. Set a timer for five minutes, grab colorful pens, and let your thoughts flow onto the page.

🌟 The Creative Process:

  1. Write Freely: No rules—just words. Circle or highlight those that resonate.
  2. Rest and Reflect: Close your eyes, then open them. Let the words settle.
  3. Ask Aloud: Your intention takes shape. Speak it into existence.

🃏 The Reading:

  • A  Let it go with REIKI Tarot Card Reading lasts 30 minutes. 
  • The Reiki Master shuffles the deck, focusing on your intention.
  • Cards are drawn—one to three—using spreads like the Celtic Cross or Past-Present-Future.
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🌿 Interpreting the Cards:

  • Each card speaks its language—symbols, emotions, context.
  • Trust your inner wisdom. How do they align with your intention?
  • Remember, Tarot doesn’t predict; it guides—a mirror reflecting possibilities.

📸 Keepsake Moments:

  • Cards are photographed and sent via email.
  • Capture insights for reflection and growth.

🌬️ Final Note:

  • Tarot Cards aren’t fortune-tellers; they’re mirrors of your soul.
  • Self-reflection, empowerment, and understanding await you on this mystical journey.

Enjoy the dance of symbols and intuition! 🌟✨ Thirty Minute Tarot Card Reading - $50

Contact calah@letitgowithreiki.com to book yours today or click here to purchase.
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