Prayers & Blessings to Let it go with REIKI

A Prayer for Surrender - this prayer invites us to let go, trust and surrender for the best good of ourselves and the universe. 

A Prayer of Surrender to Life’s Flow

In the gentle current of existence, I release my grip on control. I surrender to the ebb and flow, trusting that life’s river knows its course.

Like a leaf carried by the stream, I allow myself to be guided. I relinquish the need to steer against the current. Instead, I float, observing the scenery—the sun-kissed ripples, the shadowed depths.

May I find solace in surrender, knowing that resistance only exhausts my spirit. I embrace the unknown, for it holds both mystery and possibility.

With open palms, I release my desires, my fears, and my expectations. I surrender to the rhythm of breath, the pulse of existence.

And so, I flow.

For those of us who wish for a more traditional prayer. Here's a heartfelt prayer for surrender. 

Here’s a heartfelt prayer for surrender:


Prayer of Surrender to the Will of God in Difficult Times

Heavenly Father,

In the shadowed valleys of life where light seems distant, I come before You with a humble heart. I acknowledge my weakness, my inability to see beyond the storm. In these moments of uncertainty, I choose to surrender all to You.

Like a leaf carried by the stream, I trust in Your currents to guide me. Lord, embrace me with Your strength, for mine falters. Illuminate my path with Your wisdom, for my vision is clouded.

I lay down my worries, my fears, and my desires, submitting them to Your will. Whisper to my heart the promise of Your unfailing love and presence. Teach me to recognize the beauty in surrendering, to understand that letting go is the first step towards holding on to true peace.

As Jesus trusted You in His darkest hour, help me to trust You in mine.

In Your gracious name, I pray, Amen.


Praying with you and sending Reiki rays. With love, Calah xo 

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