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Calah has powerful insight and is an intuitive healer. She is devoted to her Reiki profession. As a communicator I have lived with self-doubt before publishing my articles. Often I have missed deadlines as a result of my fear. Calah’s healing gift is highly effective. I no longer miss deadlines. She administers Reiki with love and reverence and I am most grateful for her healing gift.

Christine B., Oakville, Ontario

I sought Calah out online as I connected with her writing. I was suffering with anxiety and estrangement with a family member. I had read about Reiki but was hesitant to try it. I was more comfortable in trying it long distance and thought I had nothing to lose by doing a session online.I was nervous at first but Calah put me at ease even though we were several hundred kilometers apart. After my first session, I felt a release like a weight had been lifted off of me. I felt hopeful. I felt this sense of calm come over me. I knew that I had made the right choice. I made an appointment for another session. Reiki has changed the way I deal with negative situations and people in my life.

Linda Romanick, Ottawa, Ontario

REIKI has really made a huge positive difference for me in the way I feel. I just feel so joyful! Thank you, Calah. Keep spreading the joy with Reiki!

Laurie Gattafoni, Squamish, British Columbia

I am thankful for Calah’s gift of healing. She was able to provide a much needed release for me from worry, stress and anxiety I carried. I didn’t understand the concept of Reiki and perhaps never will but I do know I feel refreshed after a session with Calah and will continue to see her again.

S. Soares, Burlington, Ontario

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