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About Me

Reiki with Calah

As a family, we found the healing power of Reiki some twenty years ago. Our Mom was receiving cancer care at Princess Margaret Hospital. She was struggling and in a great deal of pain from the radiation treatment. A nurse recommended Reiki healing and the therapy provided the much needed calm she required. Reiki energy healing, she says, gave her the ability to share her story and ease both the physical and mental pain caused by the disease.They say that Reiki finds you when you are in need.  

Several years later I found myself at Toronto Sick Children’s Hospital with my eldest child. She required heart surgery. Have you ever felt like the energy in your body is so pent up that you may explode out of your skin into a billion little pieces like a violent volcano? This Mom sure did. Remembering the calm my Mom had experienced, I sought out Reiki treatments for support.  

The world never slows down and having had positive experiences with the practice of Reiki, I felt it was time for me to pay it forward and support others with the passion I felt for the therapy. Studying at Oakville, Ontario’s The Clarity Centre I learned to focus my ability and work to share Reiki’s healing force in my life.

Worry and circumstance can block our bodies and shut us down.  My training and practice allows me to help open channels for many professionals unable to find their voice after years in their profession and to find peace for those stuck in an on-line social world that runs 24/7. Whether the body is suffering from pressures of work, home or school, there is an opportunity to find your calm.  It is a privilege to share Reiki to help hear the story of your body and enhance well being.What is your body’s story? Let Reiki find you.

What is Reiki?

What is Reiki and how will it benefit me?

I am a Usui Reiki Practitioner registered with the International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP).  
Reiki is safe to use at any time in any place and is recognized as a proven and respected healing modality. Distant Reiki (or "Long Distance Reiki") is another option I offer for my clients who are located around the world — please see below for more details on both types of healing sessions.  

Reiki Healing Session

Reiki is healing energy which automatically goes to the area in your physical body or spirit where healing is most required. Reiki practitioners act as a conduit for healing Reiki energy for you, the client.  This energy ensures that your entire spirit is in alignment by focusing on the elimination of blocks in your physical body and chakras, the Life force energy centres within you. When your chakras are clear and balanced your own energy is able to move freely and as it does so, it strengthens infusing your personal energy on all levels; emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically.  When your energy is balanced and allowed to strengthen, your physical body and emotional spirit is better able to repair itself in many ways.  It can work to open communication channels, relieve pain, discomfort in the physical sense and ease grief and/or anxiety as well as lack of self confidence and insecurities.

What Reiki Feels Like

 Reiki works like a thermostat that regulates the body. Much like a furnace that automatically turns on and off to regulate the temperature, Reiki can flow slowly or rapidly in an as-needed action to dispense balancing energies. Like a pendulum swinging back and forth, Reiki sometimes moves erratically, other times smoothly. These fluctuations of ki energy bubbling within us can often be felt as hot or cold. It can provide for a tingling sensation or a hot flash. Or, you may not feel anything. Reiki sensations can be very subtle and may be overlooked, but with continued practice many people will begin to experience even the slightest shifts of energy.  

Reiki works whether you feel it or not. If you are having difficulty feeling sensations while giving a Reiki treatment, try closing your eyes. Keeping your eyes shut eliminates visual distractions, which will help you focus more on the sensations.

What Can I Expect During an In-Person Reiki Treatment?

I will place my hands approximately three inches or higher over your physical body, working solely with your own energy field — this is where I am most able to detect blockages in your chakras and/or physical body. I'll move through all of your Chakra Energy Points starting with the Crown Chakra and finishing with the Root Chakra (located at the base of your spine). Each time I feel a chakra or area of your body which requires clearing, I go to work on clearing it — and once this is done, I begin again at your Crown Chakra, moving slowly down until I feel another blockage. This process continues and once the seven Major Chakras have been cleared of blockages and negative toxins (and any other physical areas where I have been drawn to, due to a blockage), I will continue to clear energy down through your legs, finally finishing with your feet.

Some clients feel a warm sensation at their Chakra Centers where the Reiki practitioner is focusing on. A light-headed sensation is also common, primarily because of the increased energy in the room. Most commonly, however, the Reiki Treatment is very relaxing and leaves the client feeling refreshed, lighter and more energized than before. It is important to remember that after the initial treatment, clients will continue to feel their energy "shifting" and  "re-aligning" over a period of a few days to a few weeks. Be sure to recognize this and allow time for the shift to take place.

Facilitate the Flow

Reiki flows in the direction of the easiest pathway. When the natural course of a river comes up against a dam, the water pools up in that area until it either breaks through the blockade or reroutes itself by traveling around the obstacle, moving through to the next available open channel. Not unlike a speaker who is unable to find his voice, Reiki assist to open the channel for the sound to emanate from the speaker. 

Reiki is a Natural Method

Reiki healing is a natural method of energy balancing, but is not meant as a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment.  Reiki works well in conjunction with standard medical treatment from licensed medical professionals as the main purpose of a Reiki session is to reduce stress and to relax the recipient so that they are able to self heal themselves or speed healing on all levels; physically, mentally, emotionally.  Reiki healing can remove energy blocks which increases a recipients Life force energy enabling the healing process.

Reiki practitioners do not diagnose conditions, nor do they perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.


“I sought Calah out online as I connected with her writing. I was suffering with anxiety and estrangement with a family member. I had read about Reiki but was hesitant to try it. I was more comfortable in trying it long distance and thought I had nothing to lose by doing a session online.I was nervous at first but Calah put me at ease even though we were several hundred kilometers apart. After my first session, I felt a release like a weight had been lifted off of me. I felt hopeful. I felt this sense of calm come over me. I knew that I had made the right choice. I made an appointment for another session. Reiki has changed the way I deal with negative situations and people in my life.” 

Linda Romanick, Ottawa, Ontario

"Calah has powerful insight and is an intuitive healer. She is devoted to her Reiki profession. As a communicator I have lived with self-doubt before publishing my articles. Often I have missed deadlines as a result of my fear. Calah’s healing gift is highly effective. I no longer miss deadlines. She administers Reiki with love and reverence and I am most grateful for her healing gift."  

Christine B., Oakville, Ontario   

"REIKI has really made a huge positive difference for me in the way I feel. I just feel so joyful! Thank you, Calah. Keep spreading the joy with Reiki!"

Laurie Gattafoni, Squamish, British Columbia 

"I am thankful for Calah’s gift of healing. She was able to provide a much needed release for me from worry, stress and anxiety I carried. I didn’t understand the concept of Reiki and perhaps never will but I do know I feel refreshed after a session with Calah and will continue to see her again."  

S. Soares, Burlington, Ontario

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