Smudging Space with Intention and Prayer


Smudging is a practice used to cleanse and purify a space from negative energy. Smudging your home is a personal and spiritual practice, and the best time to do it can vary depending on your intentions and circumstances. Here are some commonly suggested times for smudging:

1. Move. When moving into a new home it is recommend you cleanse the space of previous energies from past tenants and start fresh.

2. Arguments. After an argument it is best to clear away negative emotions and restore peace to your space. 

3. Separation or Divorce. Cleanse your living space and let go of all the negativity surrounding your separation or divorce. 

4. New Birth. Preparing the way for a new bundle is a delightful smudge to purify the space for new beginnings. 

5. Spring Cleaning. This is the usual time homeowners cleanse their dwelling complementing their physical cleaning with an energetic one. 

6. Illness. After an illness it is recommended to purify the space and promote healing. 

7. Before Meditation: To create a calm and focused environment. 

8. Feeling Stuck. Smudging shifts stagnant energy and invites positive change. 

9. After Guests Visit. Political discussions can bring a sh*tload of negative discourse to the dinner table - smudge it all away for peace! 

10. Family Gatherings. Holiday gatherings are usually high charged with emotion. If the energy feels heavy or negative after hosting a party, be sure to smudge! And, if your energy is depleted, smudge yourself while you are smudging your space to shift from negative to positive.

Ultimately, trust your intuition and smudge whenever you feel the need to refresh the energy in your home and release what isn't serving your higher purpose. 


Here’s a list of intentions you might use when smudging your home:

1. Clearing Negative Energy: "I put forth the intention to remove all negative energy from this space and welcome positive energy into this space."

2. Welcome Peace. "My intention is to fill this home with peace and tranquility." 

3. Bring Love. "I smudge this space to invite love and compassion into our home. I smudge to bring desire and passion to this space for the good of all living here."

4. Protection. "With this smudging, I protect this home from unwanted energies."

5. Good Health. "I smudge to promote health and well-being for all who live and enter here." 

6. Happiness. "I smudge for joy and happiness to dwell in this building."

7. Manifesting Abundance. "My intention is to attract prosperity and abundance into this space. All is well." 

8. New Beginnings. "With this smudging, I welcome new beginnings and positive changes." 

Feel free to adapt these intentions to match your personal goals and the specific energies you wish to bring into your home. 🌿✨


A smudging prayer is a set of words spoken at the start of the smudging ceremony which is a practice used to cleanse and purify a space from negative energy. Here’s an example of a smudging prayer you can use for home space clearing:

"May this home be cleansed of negative energies. With smoke, air, fire, and earth, I purify and bless this space. May peace, love, and positivity fill every corner, and may only good vibes remain. All is well."

Personalize this prayer to better suit your specific needs and energies you wish to invite into your home. 

Smudging does amazing things for your body and space. Many who have smudged their dwelling will have a story - a before and after smudge story. Mine is simply that I was preparing for a family gathering and not looking forward to the event as a toxic family member was to attend. They never brought a tasty dish to share nor polite conversation. Usually I smudged like crazy  after the dinner to bring peace and harmony back to the home but this year I decided to smudge for peace prior to the event. What happened? I can remember it as plain as day. I was standing on the inside of the front door looking out when I saw the family member approach the walkway and stop dead in their tracks. I didn't open the door, I was mesmerized by the activity or non-activity at this point. After a few minutes, the family member turned around, got in their car and drove off. I received a phone call about an hour later advising us that they wouldn't be attending the gathering. Wow, the universe really does have your back!! .

To learn more, check out Let it go with REIKI's in-depth DIY Smudging Course. This is a digital download that dives deeper into smudging and blessings and the tools you will need.

With love, Calah xo