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Who can benefit from a Reiki session? All ages. Reiki can support the grieving soul suffering from loss and/or trauma, the high school student with exam anxiety, the working parent 's overwhelm, the stressed caregiver, the individual struggling for a good night's sleep, the athlete with performance anxiety.

Reiki can restore calm, personal insight and bring comfort and rest. A Reiki session is helpful to support career and life changes as well as strengthen the body pre and post surgery to enhance recovery. Chronic pain can be managed with reiki rays for ailments and disease such as arthritis, MS, fibromyalgia. And for those on a spiritual journey, Reiki can be instrumental in bringing light and peace. 

Reiki finds you when you are in need.

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In-person (Burlington, Ontario) or long distance via Zoom or Facetime.
Note: Check with your healthcare providers. Although Reiki sessions are not covered by OHIP, many corporate health plans cover the holistic modality. The Canadian Reiki Association is working diligently with provincial governments to secure OHIP coverage. Let it go with REIKI is a Class “A” member of the Association.

Reiki sessions are available Monday through Friday based on availability. Send an email with dates and times preferred and the office will answer back within 24 hours. We are grateful you have found Let It go with REIKI and welcome the opportunity to join you on your wellness journey.


In-Person Session $75 / 60 minutes 

Long Distance Sessions $35 / 30 minutes or $65 / 60 minutes

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