Reiki Kids Stories

🌟 “Reiki Adventure with Claire”

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Claire who loved to spend time outdoors and explore the world around her. She had a huge fenced backyard with a vegetable garden, six oak trees, two maple trees, two apple trees and three evergreen trees that shone bright at bedtime with miniature warm white lights all year round. She would often wander around the yard and hug each and every tree giving thanks for the beauty of nature. 🌿🌸

One sunny day, Claire saw a Monarch butterfly resting on a cornflower by the patio bench where she and Mommy enjoyed morning tea. She watched the beautiful creature flutter its delicate wings. She thought the yellow wings shone like the sun and sparkled like glitter when they fluttered. Claire sat very still and closed her eyes. She imagined that the butterfly was sending her healing energy—a magical gift from nature. 🦋✨

Claire took a deep breath, and imagined a warm, glowing light surrounding her. She whispered, “I am open to receive Reiki energy.” 🌟

As Claire sat there, she felt a gentle warmth in her heart. It was as if the butterfly’s energy was flowing through her. Claire smiled and thanked the butterfly for its healing touch. 🙏💕

From that day on, Claire practiced Reiki whenever she needed comfort or strength. She would kiss flowers, hold rocks, and even send healing energy to her stuffed animals - especially Bunny BooBoo who liked to hang out in her tree fort. Claire knew that Reiki was her superpower—a way to connect with the universe and spread love to everyone and everything. 💚🌎

And so, Claire continued her Reiki adventures, sharing her healing energy with the world—one butterfly, one tree, and one heart at a time. 🌿🌟

Remember, you have the power to heal and bring light wherever you go! ✨🌈