Can Reiki help addiction?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing art, a holistic technique that provides for healing energy to combat stress, depression, anxiety and trauma. Reiki supports deep relaxation allowing the body to feel at peace; calm.

Reiki is not an AA meeting of the minds offering support (which is a most effective tool for addiction) nor is it a religion that can absolve you of that which you feel you need absolution. What Reiki does is offer an opportunity to reconnect with your "life force energy" bringing forth vitality and strength fo exist and live. 

Reiki in the Addiction Recovery process is a tool for relaxation which benefits the emotional and mental aspects of your well-being. In releasing trauma and tension from the body, Reiki supports the release of blockages elevating the mind, body and spirit to a calm relaxed state. This relaxation relieves discomfort,supports the release of judgment and brings back a sense of control to your everyday life.

By improving sleep, Reiki helps the body restore balance and health reducing blood pressure and increasing vitality. With increased energy by improved sleep, vitality is improved and supports healing.

 Woman with addiction struggles with having last shot

“When I feel myself craving a shot, I turn to Reiki to keep myself grounded and sober,” says Samantha Crow, proudly sober for 6 years and a Reiki Level II student.

Samantha woke up every morning of her life with deep shame. Her morning mantra was “today is the day I quit drinking.”  But, as the day progressed she would invent excuses as to why she “deserved” a drink and by nightfall she would be “in my cups running over,” she cried.  “ I would lash out at (my husband) Harry projecting all my fears of who I was on to him. “He was good for nothing. A terrible Father and abusive lover.”

Samantha found herself in the Resource Store up on Hamilton Mountain looking for something to wear to work one gloomy Tuesday morning. She had continued to lose weight turning to liquor as substanance. “I regret that I forgot most days to feed my two beautiful children. On nights their Father was late at work, these beautiful five year olds were eating Chef Boyardee out of a can while I drank red wine on the sofa. I feel so ashamed.”

As Samantha checked out of the store that day she noticed a Let It Go with REIKI flyer on the bulletin board. It was the word “refresh” that penetrated her psyche that day. She says she wanted to feel refreshed. “I wanted to be clean.”

It wasn’t a quick recovery for Samantha but she credits Reiki with helping her cleanse her mind, body and spirit to move forward.  “After having my first Reiki treatment I felt very relaxed.  And, doing long distance reiki before bedtime made the difference of a good night’s sleep and being more in control.”  

Samantha wanted to study Reiki to not only support herself but to restore a good night’s sleep for her children. “Their bodies needed to heal,” she says softly. “And, I could support that. Reiki helped calm my nerves so that I could approach them, offer Reiki  and help their dreams.”

Samantha practices Reiki on herself each and every morning with gratitude for what she has in her life. She has learned to live in the present and has embraced the Reiki lifestyle.

So, yes, I would say Reiki can support addiction recovery if you are willing and open to support yourself through the principles of Reiki. Reiki is not a cure all. A Reiki lifestyle can shift your life with its key principles but it cannot eliminate your addiction.

“Reiki helped me release judgmental thoughts that lead to poor choices. It expanded my consciousness to see the world in a different light and in so doing, see me in a different light – a light of love,” says Samantha.

Your self-care and awareness education is encouraged with Reiki training so that you may be better prepared to help yourself.  Start feeling better in every area of your life! Visit the services page for more information about Reiki Therapy and workshops to support your holistic healing.



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