Can Reiki Help Cancer?

The Healing Touch: My Reiki Story πŸ’«

My journey with Reiki began in a time of trial, when the strength of my spirit was put to the test. As my mother bravely battled cancer, it was Reiki that became our sanctuary, a source of serenity amidst the storm.

This ancient practice taught me the power of presence, the strength that comes from stillness. It was through the gentle flow of energy that I found the fortitude to be the pillar my family needed, a steady rock for them to lean on. My Mom felt a release of pain as the Reiki sessions relaxed her tormented body. Reiki sessions supported a deeper sleep for her to rest and recover. Most of all it provided a soft, kind, gentle touch that as she says, "increased my energy flow where I needed it to detoxify and release the cancer pain."

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In both the good times and the challenging ones, Reiki has been a guiding light. It has shown me that healing comes not just from the hands, but from the heart. And now, as a Reiki Master, I extend this healing touch to you. Both those going through cancer treatments and those care-giving those going through the process.Β 

Through every session, every attunement, I share the peace that Reiki has given me. I invite you to discover the transformative power of this healing art, to find your own serenity, and to become a beacon of light for those you love.

Join me on this journey of healing and hope. Together, let’s embrace the life-affirming energy of Reiki and find the strength to face whatever comes our way. Contact me at for an in-person Reiki session if you are in the Burlington, Ontario area or a long-distance session if you are anywhere in Canada or the USA. Reiki Courses are offered quarterly throughout the year.

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