Morning Energy Meditation

Morning Energy Meditation 🌅

Find a comfortable seat and close your eyes, Take a deep breath in, let your spirit rise. With each inhale, draw in the morning’s light, Feel its warmth, its power, its might.

Visualize the sun’s rays, golden and clear, Bathing you in energy, drawing it near. Let this light fill you, from head to toe, Recharging your being, making you glow.

Now, imagine a stream of vibrant energy, Flowing within you, bright and free. It swirls around, in colours bold, Igniting your passion, making you whole.

With every breath, feel more awake, Your intentions set, your path to take. The world awaits, your dreams in sight, Embrace the day, with all your might.

As you open your eyes, greet the dawn, A new beginning, a fresh day born. Carry this energy, let it guide your way, And step into the morning, bright and gay.

top view of woman meditating

May this meditation bring you clarity, strength, and joy as you embark on the day ahead. Namaste. With love, Calah xo 🙏✨

If you need help in setting your intentions, reach out for an in-person or long-distance Reiki session.