Gifts From Strangers

I love Gabby Bernstein, author of Miracles Now.  I love her no-nonsense approach and her share that every encounter big or small can gift us with a miracle.

“When you show up to an interaction with loving energy and choose to be open to a miracle, the other person will feel your high-vibe energy and in turn be uplifted.”  Gabrielle Bernstein

My hubby can’t always afford a week away so often we will steal away for a few days midweek. We just head stateside where I get my rest and relaxation shopping for the new grandson and he gets to have uninterrupted cell phone time (well, almost!), a new view and perspective. His favourite part of shopping is the people watching he gets a chance to do from the shop seats. You know the shop seats – the ones at the very front of the store for men to read, sleep and gaze while their companions shop the bounty displayed.  He of course prefers when they offer a snack or aperitif but he’s happy with a seat and an opportunity to chat with other travelers. 

Last week in Erie, Pennsylvania  at the Grove City Premium Outlets, he met up with an amazing gentleman who was quite proud of the fact that his serving in the military garnered his wife an extra  military discount. The two men got to talking and sharing about where they were from. He and his wife had made the trip for a family reunion.  He shared that Facebook had connected him over the past few years with new family members and he had learned that he had served with one, a long lost cousin, in Korea. He proceeded to share with hubby a few stories of their time in Korea. He said, “I have never shared this with anyone else.” Hubby was so honoured and listened intently as the veteran shared his stories and cried.  

I arrived back to the bench about the same time as his charming wife who saw her husband wiping his eyes. At that moment, she turned to me in a whisper, “Do you believe in miracles?” I smiled and she went on to say how she had known he was somewhere else all weekend during their reunion. She said she thought it may be his GERD acting up but she knew now he needed to talk about the war and meeting up with his cousin. “He won’t share those stories with me. He protects me from the horror.” she sighed.  

We ended up having dinner with our new American friends.  They introduced us to a fine restaurant, Firebirds Wood Fired Grill. We shared delicious appetizers (be sure to try the crispy cauliflower tossed in Thai chili sauce with green onion and pumpkin seeds) and a fine bottle of wine from the Sonoma Coast. There was no talk of war but lots of jokes and stories of grandkids and travel. It was a very pleasant evening.  An evening that you’re sad to see come to an end.   

Miracles happen every day if you’re open to listen for them. We are thankful for the one we received in the form of a gift of good company, laughter and new friends. 

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