How Can Therapeutic Touch Benefit a Senior Citizen?

Therapeutic touch can be particularly beneficial for seniors living in homes, offering a range of physical and emotional advantages and connection. Here is why you should book a Let it go with Reiki healing session for Gramma and Grandpa now: 

1. Stress Reduction: therapeutic touch was first introduced by two amazing American nurses forty years back. They found that the modality lowered stress hormone levels that helped in reducing blood pressure and maintaining positive mood.

2. Pain Relief: They also found therapeutic touch to alleviate pain, which is especially beneficial for seniors who can suffer with chronic conditions such as auto-immune diseases. 

3. Improved Mood: Grumpy Grandpa's mood can be elevated with therapeutic touch as oxytocin is released that is proven to elevate mood and provide comfort and happy feels. Sessions work for Gramma and all your Aunties and Uncles!

4. Enhanced Immune System: Physical touch has been proven to strengthen the immune system which is crucial for seniors who can be isolated from the mainstream population and more susceptible for disease like COVID-19.

5. Cognitive Benefits: It has been associated with improved concentration and memory This in itself can be particularly helpful for seniors with cognitive decline.

6. Emotional Stability: For seniors with dementia, therapeutic touch has been linked to greater emotional stability and improved communication with staff.

7. Socialization: It can enhance socialization by helping seniors feel less isolated. And, support a calm, restful state to support a positive relationship with partner and family members.  

These benefits highlight the importance of therapeutic touch in enhancing the quality of life for seniors, especially those in adult residences and long-term care homes, by providing comfort, reducing anxiety, and promoting a sense of connection and well-being. Therapeutic touch is offered with Reiki sessions. Arrangements can be made for Let it go with REIKI to visit seniors in both long-term care and adult residences in Burlington and Oakville, Ontario. Contact (There is a small additional fee to cover travel expenditures depending on location of residence.)