How Does Reiki Benefit Children?

Reiki is considered excellent for children due to its gentle, non-invasive nature and its ability to promote relaxation, reduce anxiety, and improve focus and concentration. We offer an entire course designed just for kids, to download and learn together.
Here are some specific benefits of Reiki for kids:

  • Reduces Anxiety and Stress: Children can experience stress from factors like school and family dynamics. Reiki helps alleviate these feelings by balancing their energy system. Energy balancing is based on the  thermodynamic principle that energy is in everything, cannot be destroyed, and can only be gained, lost, or stored by an organism. Therefore, we want our children to have this daily balance. 
  • Focus and Concentration Improves: Reiki can center a child's energy and calm their mind which supports enhanced cognitive abilities and increases their attention span. Learning to focus on the meridians where stress is stores helps the child immensely feel in control and balanced. 
  • Emotional Balance Promoted: Addressing energy imbalances and fostering self-awareness promotes confidence and well-being with the child. Life isn’t always calm waters; the ebb and flow of the school yard and extra-curricular activities often cause children to react emotionally. Reiki calms the waters. 
  • Teaches Self-Healing: The tools children learn are invaluable and can be used all their lives for physical and/or emotional issues. In the on-line Reiki for Kids course, Let it go with REIKI includes mindfulness, meditation and Emotional Freedom Technique tools.  
  • Energy Levels Increased: Reiki boosts a child's mood and energy making it beneficial for their overall development and day-to-day activities.
  • Rest and Relaxation, Sleep: Reiki can help children relax and improve their sleep patterns which is crucial for their health and growth development. 


These benefits make Reiki a supportive and holistic approach to a child’s well-being, nurturing their growth on multiple levels.

Reiki supports traditional medicine. It is used in daycare centres, schools and hospitals.  At Let it go with REIKI, the modality is taught to new parents for a greater connection with their child in Reiki Babies

Join a Reiki for Kids class today. Contact for avails for the next in-person after-school classes in Burlington, Ontario CANADA.

Coming Soon: if you feel an on-line course would be beneficial, Let it go with REIKI will be offering a PDF Reiki Kids Course soon- send us an email to be notified when it is live.

Our children benefit from a variety of tools to achieve success in health and well-being. Introduce Reiki to your kids today or better yet, study Reiki and live it's amazing lifestyle. 


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