have a client booked for a Reiki massage this morning and I have just set up my table in the garden. I love offering sessions outdoors. And this, the first week of Fall, is reminding us of summer days. The rays are as warm as a July day and the flowers are still blooming on the vine. The fragrance of juniper and roses is very calming. My Peace roses are still blooming and I give thanks for the tranquility they provide during these Covid days with their intoxicating scent. The pool is still open and the waterfall trickles into the blue water and I am reminded of how Reiki energy flows and anxiety and stress is released. 

When a river comes up against a dam, the water pools and is blocked.  So can anxiety, disease and trauma place blocks in our bodies. It is our energy field that is bruised or damaged from past and current traumas, electromagnetic fields in the environment. Reiki opens our body up to flow like a beautiful thriving river, with vibrancy, peace and beauty. I can feel this flow as I sit here today meditating in preparation of my first client. 

Thank you Mother Nature for this day. Have a wonderful Friday, dear souls. Check in with you again soon. 

Feel the flow and be at peace. Cx