Reiki for the Grieving

I received this sweet email today from a client grieving his beautiful wife. I feel so blessed to have had time with them over the past year as they walked the bereavement journey.

"Calah gave Michelle the peace she required to say her final goodbye. We had been receiving long distance sessions for about a year and they really helped me rest. Calah told me to put my hand on Michelle's heart and I held her hand to mine as Calah sent healing energy. After we hung up the phone, Michelle closed her eyes and passed peacefully. I will forever hold that moment in my heart. A moment combined in love and joy. Ever so grateful for the rest, the understanding and support. Thanks from our hearts - one in heaven, the other on the ground. Forever grateful. I highly recommend a long distance session with Calah." John Robinson, Etobicoke, Ontario 

I was so honoured to be part of John and Michelle's journey. I met them in-person through a recommendation from Oakville Trafalgar Hospital staff. We started with individual sessions to support sleep and release anxiety of the journey to come. Within a few months, Michelle was unable to travel and we did sessions long distance. Michelle and John had met in high school and were married for thirty-nine years. John said he couldn't remember a time when Michelle wasn't in his life and Michelle shared the sweetest stories of their Friday night date nights that they continued until their last Friday night. Many sessions were to release anxiety and support sleep. Michelle held a lot of fear and guilt for leaving John and her children behind. John had the same intention every session to send his energy to Michelle.  Our last long distance session was short and sweet. Michelle only able to say a few words held in the embrace of John over the phone. 

a couple comforting each other

I have had days of Bereavement training but nothing prepared me for the bond I had with these two beautiful souls combined. Long distance Reiki can be a gentle companion for the grieving soul, offering comfort across the miles. Here's how it can help:

1. Emotional Support: It can provide a sense of presence and care, helping individuals feel less alone in their grief. Michelle often felt isolated as she worked to distance herself from her partner to prepare him for the transition of her death and a Reiki session helped her feel less alone and comforted. 

2. Release of Emotions: Tears are released as the trapped emotions like sorrow and heartache, pour out of the body. Reiki assists in processing this release to facilitate emotional healing. 

3. Stress Reduction: Reiki is an ideal modality to promote relaxation that is especially beneficial during the intense stress periods that accompany grief. 

4. Spiritual Connection. Reiki can help strengthen spiritual connections, providing solace to those who find comfort in the sense of being part of something greater. There is truth in "the universe has your back." 

5. Peaceful Transition. Many of us believe in life after death and Reiki can be seen as aiding the soul in a peaceful transition from one realm to the next. 

Having a Reiki Master mentor support through the grieving process can provide personalized advice and mentorship. The path of learning Reiki for grief is unique for everyone and Calah's Reiki Level II and Master classes incorporates bereavement supports in her lessons. For a Reiki session to support grieving, contact to book an in-person session in Burlington, Ontario CANADA or long distance in CANADA and USA