Skip Christmas

Skip Christmas 2021

Todd was working in ICU Christmas Day 2020. His Christmas dinner was an apple around 9 o'clock and a cold cup of coffee at midnight. 

“Sure, I missed the turkey last year. And, especially Aunt Mabel's chestnut stuffing. But, Mom did send a care package to my curb that I enjoyed boxing day with all the trimmings in peace and quiet. There were no screaming babies or talk about my love life and the possibilities of procreation. Yes, my Gram uses that word - she loves babies.” says Todd with a groan.

Vaccinations are bringing the old time holidays back and the kids aren’t too happy joining in around the festive table. (Now, don’t be reading this line incorrectly for we at Let it go with REIKI are all for vaccinating!)

Are you feeling like Todd? And, just want to skip Christmas!

Do the questions around the holiday table get too personal, or, heated?

Well, you aren’t going to get your turkey served curbside this year so what can you do to survive? And, no, there isn’t a vaccine to make you immune.


  1. Boundary setting helps. Tell your parents before arriving that you desire to keep the conversation away from your love life and you would appreciate their support.
  2. Arrive grounded to your holiday function. Morning meditation helps to relax and put you in a better state to deal with unpleasantries.
  3. The five Reiki principles are lifelines .. Today I will not anger. Imagine an annoying thought and breathe it in with gratitude for the feeling and then out and truly let it go. When the subject is triggered, your body will remember your previous calm and meditative response and you won’t be triggered 😤 Breathe it in and out.
  4. Preparing key phrases can help. Simply say, “it is great the conversation centers around me but I will take a pass today… . I love you all, thanks.” Or, simply with an eye roll say “Pass the potatoes please.”
  5. Some communicators get out in front of the conversation by saying, “no news here to report, thanks. Love on.”If envisioning a fence around your body helps, give it a try. Susan, who broke up with her long time boyfriend during Covid, likes to stop and envision a cute white picket fence around her before she enters her family home. “The conversation goes to what happened or they have someone new to set me up with, ” sighs Susan. “And it is my friends as well as family! So, when the questions come, I see my happy little fence - I am not totally closed off - and feel safe and secure enough to answer, “Got nothing to add at this time but will keep you posted!”

 And remember, no explanations. No one requires an explanation.

Melissa and George have been trying to conceive for three years and every Christmas Eve her in-laws ask if she is pregnant (in front of the entire family of 22 extended members), yet?!? You owe no one an explanation for what is happening with your body or in your life. It is YOUR life. A calm, relaxed body will deal with the onslaught of unwanted questions. Like Todd, meditation is helpful but so too is a Reiki session to unblock any disharmony and dissipate anger building.

 Seldom are our families and friends trying to put us on the spot (ok, maybe there are some who enjoy shining the spotlight) they overstep boundaries, live in their own path without a view to another’s.

I sincerely hope one of the Reiki self-care ideas supports you through the holidays. I’d love to hear if these worked for you or if you have any to add to support our community. Send me an e-mail and I’ll post your thoughts on our Social Media pages.