Spread Positivity

🌟 Spread Positivity with Sticky Notes! 🌟

Looking to brighten someone’s day? Write an uplifting sticky note message and stick it to the mirror, the fridge or in a loved one's computer bag! 

  1. “Love Your smile”: Joy shared is a beautiful thing! 
  2. “Love Your friendly attitude”: Appreciate the kindness shared #kindnessmatters
  3. “Your compassion for others makes me love you to the moon and back!”: Celebrate empathy.
  4. “Your work is appreciated!  Acknowledge efforts.
  5. “Incredible work ethic rocks”: Inspire diligence.
  6. “Your quirky sense of humor and dazzling smile makes my day”: Embrace uniqueness.

📝 Now .... tuck the note away where they'll find it. These notes are great for kid's lunch boxes, your partner's suitcase - so sweet to reach in for a fresh shirt and find a love note in the pocket! A little positivity and love share goes a long way! 

If you're looking for other ways to spread positivity for you and your family think about taking a Reiki course and learn how to release negativity and embrace the positives in your life. Reiki kids instructs on how the whole family can live positively. Also, Reiki dates are like a live sticky note when you are separated by work. Be awesome and share your light!  With love, Calah xo 

  • Tuck the note away where they’ll find it—a sweet surprise! Remember, a little positivity goes a long way! 🌼✨