What happens in a Reiki session?

What is a Reiki session? What happens during a session? At what age can you book a Reiki session?

Happy to answer your questions regarding Reiki. I have practiced Reiki for three decades and am a full member of the Canadian Reiki Association as well as the International Association of Reiki Practitioners. 

Simply put, a Reiki session is a form of energy healing whereby a certified practitioner works to help balance your energy and promote relaxation and well-being. During the session, the practitioner may place their hands on or just above your body, and you might feel warmth, cool or tingling as energy flows through your body. It’s a non-invasive practice that complements traditional medicine. Note that if you prefer a no-touch approach, your practitioner will simply hover over your body to support your wellness.

Most clients are very comfortable with light touch. Clothes remain on but shoes, eyewear and metal jewelry is removed. All ages can benefit from a Reiki session including babes in the womb. 

A session usually lasts sixty minutes and starts with a brief introduction of what Reiki is about and what you are looking to achieve in your wellness journey. Setting an intention can be done at this time if you do not already have one. Although an intention is not necessary it can support your journey to be in direction. Often a trained Reiki practitioner will offer an oracle card reading to assist in your setting an intention.

The most common experience is a deep sense of relaxation and calm. It is not unusual to have a release and shed a few tears during the session or after. Some people have powerful emotions to clear and release. Many fall asleep during the session, view shapes and colours.

Soothing music is played during the session and often essential oils are diffused. If you have an allergy to scent and prefer no sound, advise your Pracitioner well before you arrive so they can detox the area and adhere to your request for your comfort.

It is recommended you work with a Practitioner that you are comfortable with and trust. Three sessions are the usual recommendation for those starting their Reiki healing journey. The three sessions can be in one months or over a period of three months whichever you are comfortable with.

The cost of a Reiki session ranges from $75 to $150 per hour. Long distance sessions vary in cost based on time of day and whether they are provided over Zoom, FaceTime or phone.

Clients come to a Reiki session presenting with an array of health concerns from anxiety, grief, chronic pain including those diagnosed with Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, MS and PTSD, depression, infertility, stress, sleep disorders, pre and post surgery, relationship and work-related issues.

Reiki finds you when you are in need and if you are on this page the universe is reaching out with a gentle caress to support your health journey. Say hello to Reiki. Sending you Reiki rays of understanding with an open invitation to reach out if you have any further questions about Reiki – a natural stress reliever.

With love, Calah xo