Reiki on the Water

A Reiki session in water is a unique and powerful experience offering several benefits: 

1. Enhanced Energy Flow: water is known to enhance the flow of energy, similar to how it keeps rivers flowing. This can potentially enhance the effectiveness of the Reiki session. 

2. Boosted Detoxification: water can help carry away toxins released during the Reiki session aiding in detoxification. 

3. Increased Healing Benefits: both water and Reiki have exponential healing benefits. Pairing these two elements together can increase the healing benefits of the Reiki session. 

4. Relief from Stress and Anxiety. Like traditional Reiki, a session in water can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms and induce relaxation. 

5. Pain Relief: Reiki in water may help reduce pain and inflammation. 

6. Parasympathetic Nervous System Activation: Water can trigger the parasympathetic nervous system, which is repsonsible for the body's rest and digest response. In this sate, your heart rate and blood pressure lower, your digestion is stimulate and your bod is able to relax on the water with Reiki session.

7. Enhanced well-being: The positive benefits of Reiki can enhance your overall well-being. 

8. Colour Therapy: The colour blue has a claming relaxing yet energizing effect on our minds and body. 

9. The sounds of water: The tricle of water running is similar to white noise but smoother and more soothing helping to reduce brain wave activity and promote better sleep. 

10. Meditative State: Healing energy of Reiki combined with the calm water allows one to catch a break from the screen-fueled, fast-paced rhythm of our daily lives. 

What is involved in a Reiki on the Water Session:

The recipient is comfortable in their bathing attire, either floating in the water or sitting down with part of the body submerged. Reiki energy is channeled as in a normal session. Water is used to cleanse the space around the body and anoint the Chakra meridians. A session lasts an hour at the cost of $155. Mom and Tot $175. Area to shower and change is available. 

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