Seven Energy Clearing Tips

Try these tips to support energy flow and joy!

Earth energy

Get outdoors and if you can’t visit your local nursery to recharge. Breathing fresh outdoor air energizes your body. Sunlight rejuvenates our energy. Being near water helps us to connect with nature and increase our energy flow. Drinking water is a vital source of energy but sitting beside a lake or stream relaxes and increases our energy. Ground yourself to mother earth with your bare feet! As you charge up your life force by river or stream or walking through a nursery or feet on the ground, your life force energy will increase.


Meditation is well documented as a means to decrease anxiety and improve your flow and energy. A regular 3 minute daily meditation practice creates resilience and support you to maintain your life force energy. Your energy flow will be at a higher state of being and life force energy calm.


Low and shallow breathing is a byproduct of low mind-body energy. Rapid and deep breathing can swing your energy gauge in the opposite direction. When you breathe deeply the extra air you take in not only contains oxygen, but also Prana, the vital life force energy. Try alternate nostril breathing for additional balance and flow.

Positive Affirmations

When we’re positive and kind to ourselves, our thoughts and emotions flow freely and positively through our body.. Affirmation practice retrains your brain to shift repetitive limiting thoughts and beliefs into new empowering positive intentions and energy. We affirm either positive or the negative intentions with each thought. Our habitual thought patterns and stories have shaped our beliefs throughout our lives, especially when we were young.


Love is the highest vibrational frequency of the universe. When we radiate a signal of love for ourselves and others we are rewarded with powerful rejuvenating life force energy.


Upon waking in the morning list three things you are grateful for. Bringing gratitude to mind Gratitude promotes optimism and helps us to develop a more positive outlook. Gratitude allows us to pause for a moment to reflect on something we have in our life right now.


Laughter produces hormones such as Dopamine and Endorphins generating a higher vibration energy. Laughter helps to ground us and open the chakras to positive possibilities with an increase flow of energy.