Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Reading

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A  Let it go with REIKI Tarot Card Reading

A  Let it go with REIKI Tarot Card Reading lasts 30 minutes. The Reiki Master shuffles the deck, focusing on your intention. Cards are drawn—one to three—using spreads like the Celtic Cross or Past-Present-Future.

Interpreting the Cards:

  • Each card speaks its language—symbols, emotions, context.

  • Trust your inner wisdom. How do they align with your intention?

  • Remember, Tarot doesn’t predict; it guides—a mirror reflecting possibilities.

Keepsake Moments:

  • Cards are photographed and sent via email.

  • Capture insights for reflection and growth.

Final Note:

  • Tarot Cards aren’t fortune-tellers; they’re mirrors of your soul.

  • Self-reflection, empowerment, and understanding await you on this mystical journey.

To read further about our Tarot Card Readings, visit our page titled: Unlocking Insights.

Once you have purchased your Tarot Card Reading, please connect with Calah to book your session at a time that is convenient.