Understanding Big Feelings

Understanding Our Little Ones’ Big Feelings 🌈✨

As parents, we witness the full spectrum of our children’s emotions. Sometimes, their feelings can be as intense as a summer storm, especially anger. But what stirs up these tempests in their tiny hearts? 🤔

Anger in kids often springs from frustration or distress. It could be due to a trauma they have experienced, family dysfunction, health challenges or sensory processing issues. 

    These big feelings are valid, and it’s crucial to help our kids navigate them. Here’s how we can be their anchor in the emotional storm:

    1. Recognize their emotions by helping them understand that it's okay to feel angry. 

    2. Validate. Validate. Validate. Let them know their feelings are valid; it's normal to feel upset and that you are there to listen to them. Make a point to sit in a quiet area with tech off and tell them that their feelings are important and you are there to listen. 

    3. Teach skills to cope. Simple techniques like deep breathing can help our littles dissipate the anger. In the 'Reiki for Kids' eLearning course we give lots of exercises for #bigfeelings and make many coping skills into a game, even adding music for memory retention. 

    And here’s where Reiki comes into play. This gentle form of energy healing can be incredibly soothing for children. It helps in:

    1. Reducing anxiety and stress by creating a calm oasis for them to relax just like it does for Moms and Dads. 

    2. Improves focus. These moments of relaxation and recognition that it's okay to be in the present moment and child helps kids concentrate better in school, lessons and play. 

    3. Emotion balance promoted. Reiki fosters resilience and self-awareness. In understanding why we are feeling tense in certain parts of our  bodies, we can address this tension. Again, "Reiki for Kids" is perfect for teaching why your chest gets tight when you are upset and what you can do to make it feel less tight! 

    Reiki sessions for kids should be playful and fun. They can be short and sweet depending on the age of the child. They can even be integrated into story time making the experience enjoyable and beneficial. Check out our blogs for one of Calah's Reiki stories. 

    So next time your little one feels like a volcano ready to erupt, remember that with patience, understanding, and a touch of Reiki, we can help them find their calm again. 🌟💖

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